Voyage on Wisdom Sea

After a long day and  stressful day, all I wanted to do was lay sluggishly on my sofa and watch something to get my mind off of things. As I was switching through the channels, helplessly, hoping something good was on, I stopped at the thrilling music of Hans Zimmer in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest.” The entire movie was about the pursuit of a heart… and to each one of the pursuers, to capture that heart meant all sorts of things. But the core of the motive was because it was going to make them happy. The heart wasn’t the real treasure; it was happiness. Turning the quarter around, the message of the voyage for happiness has been embedded in us from the day of Creation; it’s YHWH’s desire, so therefore, it’s ours as well. That cardinal 2706_Sailboat-on-the-ocean-Key-West-Floridatruth of the soul has even been engraved in our Declaration of Independence. I researched the definition of “The Pursuit of Happiness” and I found the following: “The pursuit of happiness is defined as a fundamental right mentioned in the Declaration of Independence to freely pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you happy, as long as you don’t do anything illegal or violate the rights of others.” We are all searching for an everlasting happiness, and I am revisiting the truth that wisdom is what I should be pursuing because it is the source of true happiness. YHWH is the source and maker of true wisdom for He is called  El De’ot- The God Of Knowledge and Wisdom. Godly wisdom is the key to the treasure chest that within lies true, untainted, and everlasting happiness. As King Solomon writes with the inspiration of God in Proverbs 24:13–14, “My son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste. Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” I must remember that there is also an earthly wisdom (talked about in James 3) which brings forth earthly happiness, and if I know anything about this earth, all withers away as ocean water mists and dissipates in the air; so therefore, I must have God and His vast sea of true wisdom as my compass to direct me and guide me to my treasure.

In proverbs, it also says “happy is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gets understanding.” This is so on the money, or shall I say, on the gold. When I do not understand something or understand what on earth I am doing wrong, then it is to me one of the most frustrating things on the face of the planet. I am reminded of the frustration that Murph, from the movie “Interstellar,” went through trying to break the equation to save humanity and wanting to get her dad back from an uncharted dimension. Or where a desperate father is trying to find the missing link in curing his son from a deadly disease in the movie “Lorenzo’s Oil.” When I do not understand, or there is ambiguity in the way I am walking, without confidence, it is really hard to do anything after that. My mind is unsure and scared, I feel vulnerable in the most unpleasant way… and so who wants to live a life with that mindset? It’s a type of frustration when you keep rowing your ship and it’s going in the direction you do not wish to go.

I have learned how just how salvation only benefits the one who seeks it, likewise, wisdom also only benefits the one who seeks it, and no one else, despite what others think of it. You are doing yourself a good thing when you get wisdom, Proverbs 19:8 says that  “He who gets wisdom loves himself.” I noticed how it doesn’t say He who gets wisdom loves his neighbor.  Proverbs 9: 12 also says, “If you are wise, you are wise for yourself.” And what will happen once we have grabbed a hold of godly wisdom and use it in our lives; what are the effects?  Proverbs 8:32–36 says it, quite perfectly…(with no surprise!) “And now, my sons, listen to me: happy are those who keep my ways . . . Hp367491015-5appy is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For he who finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord; but he who misses me injures himself; all who hate me love death.” Therefore, the loving command, found in Proverbs 16:16 is, “To get wisdom is better than gold; to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.”

My matey, I pray with all my heart and mind that we sail to God and dwell in His Word all the more;  for in Him and His Word lie the treasures of true life, wisdom and all the everlasting joy and happiness that comes with it. I pray that we use His Word as our compass as we sail the mysterious waters of this world and that we desire wisdom as if we will be left shipwrecked if we do not have it. I pray that you and I  have faith that El De’ot will supply it to us by the masses if we genuinely ask.  I know that the tide will be strong at times, and that I am going to make mistakes that are not going to glorify to Him, but God is a gracious, forgiving and loving God who will direct me and you in the correct path and will soon enough calm any storm.


  1. Beautiful blog post Elizabeth!

    I learned a lot of how wisdom only benefits just the person just like salvation only benefits just the person (though it can be used to help others find wisdom and salvation).

    I love your imgainery of setting sail to find true treasure; godly wisdom…. which in turn can make us happy in Christ.

    God bless!

  2. Wow! Very well put. You have talent indeed in putting your thoughts on paper should I say on line! Yes happiness is only found in having wisdom and understanding from Christ. He is the ultimate source of our lives.

  3. Absolutely true and beautiful. Thank you, Elizabeth for this treasure on paper. The Lord. Has definitely blessed you with talent. Keep up the good work.

  4. Love this Elizabeth ❤ thank you for sharing with me!

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